It is a completely self-developed mobile video and audio processing platform; it is a set of layer architecture SDK based on mobile phone GPU design, each additional material is a layer, layer by layer editing; you can drag to locate at will Each frame is as smooth as silk; layer design architecture, convenient, flexible and powerful audio and video editing and processing functions; 90% of the specific functions in the SDK, one line call, truly one-key integration; help customers Quickly build a product-level APP.
Each layer can be video, pictures,
animation, MV, text, UI interface,
data and other materials.
Each layer can be added, deleted,switched
filters, hidden, displayed,rotated, moved,
scale, area displayed, etc. in real time.
Video layers and camera layers can add sublayers. Multiple effects can be displ-
ayed on the same screen.
Similar to Photoshop or adobe after Effect.

Our SDK is based on a layered architecture, and all materials are superimposed and synthesized layer by layer.

· Support for each layer: add, delete, move, rotate, scale, hide, filter, etc.

· The layers do not affect each other. Any combination
    Lansong SDK has all the functions of professional video editing. All editing processing is accurate to the frame standard, which can meet various processing methods for videos, pictures, and sounds in production. At the same time, developers can match according to actual business needs. Combine to create new gameplay.
Video picture crop, split, replaceMultise-
gment music, dubbing, recordingReverse,
slow, curve speed, loop
Remove watermark, add watermark
Add special effects, filters, beauty
Video rotation,scale, sequence
Video transition, animation
Picture parameter adjustment
Automatic identification of subtitles and
stickersDrawing, canvas, graffiti
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